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How To Trade SPDR® ETFs

All SPDR ETFs can be bought and sold on regulated stock exchanges during local trading hours just like ordinary shares. Investors can buy and sell SPDR ETFs through their existing stockbroker, execution only platform, financial advisor or via one of SPDR ETFs Authorised Participants. Each SPDR ETF will have dedicated or official Market Makers who are responsible for ensuring competitive on screen quotations whilst adhering to specific spread, depth and presence requirements dictated by the underlying exchange.

Authorized Participants

Authorised Participants have fully executed legal documentation with the underlying Fund Management Company which allows them to create new shares and redeem existing shares directly with the underlying fund (known as the primary market). SPDR ETFs have an extensive list of Authorised Participants many of which are also official Market Makers on exchanges across Europe.

List of Authorised ParticipantsPDF

Diagram of Primary & Secondary Markets »

Primary & Secondary Markets

Diagram of Primary & Secondary Markets

Market Makers

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